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Working on my condition. I realize, I don’t need to be afraid and I don’t need nuthin. As long as I have my body and mind. It’s never only one of those, it’s about the balance. Between soul and mind, between the head and every single muscle, belief and work, running and breathing, feeling and thinking, flying and sticking to the ground. It feels so safe to rely on yourself. Take the chance, concentrate, be focused, think independently, observe, be inspired, be strong, eat healthy, push yourself to the limit. Everyday, try to be the best version of yourself. It’s sometimes hard. But there never is any ‘too hard’. You can do it. You can be powerful. You can be art yourself. Achieve your goals in single steps. Push it, crunch it, push it, crunch it, reps, reps, reps.

Gosh, this song is always with me on the go. Just be as fast as his drums and you’re doing great.

It´s exactly the right time to be in Berlin. The past weeks were horribly exhausting and directed by foreign forces. One second later and I would´ve exploded. One second earlier would just have missed. After the farewell I could finally breathe. On my way in the train the pressure passed by. Blurred like the landscape outside. It´s not really about the capital. I myself am the city that I´m entering. To explore it´s hidden corners, known but new. There´s no map and no plan, every movement is improvised. At every fork I have to decide once again, as there´s no routine to draw me. I can´t predict the outcome, because every step opens up another uncertainty, in which I might totally get lost. I´m looking forward to cafés, theatre, museums and a floating here and now. I observe, what only I can see. I recognise and feel what moves me. The silence makes me hear my own voice. And if anybody wants to spoil my mood, then it´s nobody but myself. I don´t need any sense, things happen, because I let them happen. That makes it the right thing. Mainly I can think. Think anyway and think what I want to think. And write.