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Ich nehm Dich mit auf meinem Sturm
durch den dichten Sternentunnel
der sich so sicher anfühlt
weil Farbe die Lichtlöcher füllt
wo wir uns drehen
bis uns schwindelig ist
von außen bleibt draußen nach innen
spinnen wir unser Netz
lassen uns fallen und fangen
wickeln uns ein und wälzen uns im Weichen
seufzend vor Wonne
ohne gestern und morgen
sondern mit seichten Worten wie
‘alles ist gut,
solange wir nur
zusammen sind’
für den Moment
bleibt alles draußen und drin
wo wir alleine sind
öffnet sich das weiße Tor.
Und ich setz dich ab
und schlüpfe wieder davon.
Vielen Dank für den Flug.
Mach’s gut.

(Fotos taken while preparing for a dance gig. Next show will be on Friday here.)

And there are endlessly more.
So why are we trying to establish general rules?

(The one between me and my teddy ice bear is just perfect with me as the boss.)

What is it that everybody behaves strangely right now? People can´t concentrate, are crazy about love, couples lying all night long under the sky not caring about the outer world (and the not comfortable conditions of lying on the floor). People are actually friendly (!). They go out and party hard, walk barefoot, shop as if there was no Tomorrow, stick together with their friends. Their outfits go pretty much close to naked. And what about me? I feel as if I was in love, jittery as if I had a huge show coming up. run around totally confused, talk stupid shit, drop everything. But nothing can destroy the basic good mood. So what is wrong with us? Did they put something in the water that we have to drink in the heat? Or did we find the world conquering formula of inner peace and happiness? Hm. Well, I guess it´s just summer. Damn, we´re so ordinary.