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A truckload of costumes (2 x ten plus more junk), the coolest colleague on earth, VIP passes that take you anywhere including backstage at the Centerstage, and a booking for the aftershow party at Rock am Ring.

Also helpful: A cowboy hat for the roadtrip, major chaos for having major fun, a tiny hotel in the middle of nowhere with unfriendly people who look at us, as if we were aliens, and with cows, horses, cats, monster rabbits and geese we look at, as if they were aliens, a nice and calm chaperone who sorts everything out, huge bodyguards, laid back people from suzuki, nice big and flat stages for really rocking the moves, flat dance sneakers for really rocking the stage, stagefright and stomach flip, Jägermeister, a drunk audience with cool people, bands, Rammstein (fuck, we met Rammstein!), Slash (in MY audience?), MTV-people and everybody else, old friends to bump into, hot jacuzzis inviting 17 year old rich gals to have sex, other people accidently running around naked, a mind blowing DJ-Set from Chris aka Julian Smith, and in between the two nights a marvellous day at RAR on the VIP tribune with a great view.

AND a camera to take better pictures than this crap here!

Thanks to emotions event for one of the most amazing events ever.

I am quite late with the posts. The next one will be delayed as well. One reason is that there are so many duties! For example: Right now I´m sitting in the train with a bunch of idiots (friends) on our way to a party in cologne. The guys started drinking already, the girls put make up on, I try to work …

Good night …

This was a wonderful evening with my friend Lisa – the one and only “Stern” – and a night that blew my head off – with loads and loads of raindrops. Love my Stern (isn´t she beautiful?).

NEWS: Next weekend Magda and I are having a show at the Rock am Ring Aftershowparty. Madness.