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“Hey dude, watcha lookin at? Wondering what we’re doing out here in Winter, eh? Listen, me and my bro may seem small and fragile and stuff. But that’s just what you see with your stupid blind eyes of a human. Coz the truth is not what people THINK it is. The truth is what you CHOOSE for yourself. It can be aaanythang. And our truth is, even in this damn ice age here we’re irresistable and freaking powerful, man. In fact, we’re superheroes who save the world. Fo’ shizzle man, we even save people’s lives by making ’em smile on a bloody bad day. Not everybody can say that ’bout himself. Got it? So stop staring and get a grip. And hey: Don’t forget to keep your light on!”

… I didn’t get to ask the girl, were the hell she got those two cute accessories in the middle of winter. So they told me themselves.


thought i knew any cell of my dna. good instincts, free thinking and with a whole lot of antennas. then, on day zero, we and i took another turn. little tickling on third eye. scratching, pushing, a constant sensation. hands burning, pressure on chest, ears, nose. a crawling and teasing between the shoulder blades. no, i’m not scared. i trust you. keep on going when i fall. and we fall. into nothingness. energy rushing through our limbs. pulsing, vibrating like an earthquake. sleepless nights. don’t make any sound ‘out there’, it hurts. with every cracking, an electric shock showers our skin. countless sensations conquering the physical world. ajna, sahasrara opened wide. no, i’m not scared. otherwise i’d go insane. or explode right away. instead: i trust you. keep on going when i’m awake. what else there is? all our lives searching. we knew, this was not it. it just wasn’t. more afraid of a life in a box than of vanishing. now we get to know ourselves from a totally different point of view. now something gave us the magic paint to paint reality like a peace of art. and manifest. a new awareness like somebody has turned on the light. a fusion of mind, soul, body. a deep inner peace, freedom, love. we lose ourselves in our own infinite room. where the bodies, the universe, mother earth are all one. we listen to our our own infinite sound. a higher frequenzy which seems powerful enough to create a milky way. excitement like being in love. not only trusting. knowing. and every day comes with another gift. we have begun a journey. and we’ll be never coming back.