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we are here
and we’re real
mother earth
meets our needs
we’re immersed
in abundance
within our bodies
and their energy.

we are here
and we’re free
our rebirth
is indeed
we immerged
in a sundance
through a spell
and its frequency.

“Hey dude, watcha lookin at? Wondering what we’re doing out here in Winter, eh? Listen, me and my bro may seem small and fragile and stuff. But that’s just what you see with your stupid blind eyes of a human. Coz the truth is not what people THINK it is. The truth is what you CHOOSE for yourself. It can be aaanythang. And our truth is, even in this damn ice age here we’re irresistable and freaking powerful, man. In fact, we’re superheroes who save the world. Fo’ shizzle man, we even save people’s lives by making ’em smile on a bloody bad day. Not everybody can say that ’bout himself. Got it? So stop staring and get a grip. And hey: Don’t forget to keep your light on!”

… I didn’t get to ask the girl, were the hell she got those two cute accessories in the middle of winter. So they told me themselves.