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“I am jealous. I am also chased by the thought of breaking out right now. But whereto?”

“Yes, I am unbelievably happy here. Within three days I found everything I was looking for. But I’m also struggeling with turnoffs. Exactly because it’s too good.

Breaking out, right. My yearning for freedom is so strong, it hurts. I can tell you so much what I have found out about this romantic idea: The dilemma is, it will make you addicted. It doesn’t last forever as every break out will become normality one day. How can one stand this?

The clue seems to be – to avoid the addiction – to learn how to find luck in the everyday life. Most important for that are you, my dear friends, who give me the best moments in life. This huge present is what I always remind myself of.

I can provide the everyday with tiny little break-outs to feel not too locked up. Dance, do sports, chat to unknown people, visit a concert on my own, arts in any way. And life, life, life.

And I have to take my visions back home and keep fighting every day for what I believe in. Sounds cheesy, but it’s the only safe way to freedom we can go, as you can’t do anything wrong about it. This doesn’t have to be a revolutionary thing, to some it’s the family, to others the career, the next one just wants money. To me it’s art for example. (Plus the rescue of mankind and of the tiniest mouse on earth, but that’s another story).

Hang in there,


(An e-Mail-conversation with friends I had yesterday.)

Normally I don’t like to repost pictures with written wisdoms cos they’re mainly cheesy. But these are exceptionally wonderful: I have stumbled over them on Gorgeous Patricia’s Blog – a new blogging friend from Portugal. And I love them because they suit so well. Especially the last last one is so true, I almost cried.

Oh, and if you don’t have enough time, turn off the TV. And the internet!

I’m off to the beach, have a nice weekend!