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okay, let me tell you something: things fall apart. people get fired. projects get cancelled. such a thing just has happend to me due to the insolvency of Frankfurter Rundschau. which is not so bad, really, but my heart got kinda attached to that project. however, in these moments people tend to think ‘why me?’. but it’s not only you or me or her. it’s a whole company. no, it’s not only a company, it’s a sector. no, it’s not a sector, it’s sectors. it’s countries. it’s the world. sickening. the sentence ‘i thought, this would never happen to me’ is a pretty stupid excuse for something that is happening all over the place. open your eyes and be true. the earlier, the better.

we can’t stop the transformation (some call it the aquarian age). we can’t trust the big institutions, safeties, companies anymore. it’s o.v.e.r.. it is, as if fait is ripping our passions, our labels, our identifications off our skin to leave just the core, the inner selve as a pure rest.

sounds bad and weird, and i kept asking myself: how will people manage this? but actually: it’s good! i am the best example. which i am never normally, but in this case, i am.

in a painful way, step by step, i found out that things come and go. i don’t mean, i noticed it in an intellecutal way. i started to KNOW it from the heart very early. so i decided to become independent from circumstances in the outer world. i realized, there’s so much inside of me. like a fire burning and making me happy without anything else. so, after losing the fear, i developed it.

i always thought the fire was not a blessing but a curse. because i felt different. while other people were talking about fashion, jobs, relationships (of course, i love those conversations as well), sometimes i was at a different place. sometimes i thought, i was a bit weird, bohooh, spooky and stuff. but still: i developed things and beliefs out of the fire. it manifested e.g. in dance, writing, singing and a really strong vision.

now i know, the fire, the things and authentic beliefs i made all on my own, will never leave me. they are my core. no crisis, no storm, nothing can destroy them. and actually, i don’t need anything else in any place. it feels so good to be safe and home within myself. i am free and independend from the outer drama, like a rock with a fire inside. and my development is still not ready yet.

you can only realize this through crisis. perhaps – i don’t know it – perhaps this is the reason for all thoses disasters around the world. but at least, it’s the only way for an individual to survive and evolve happily without the ever constant fear. so don’t be afraid of what might happen. find and stick to your inner fire, even more when you lose things. remember:
greatness can only and only come from yourself. anything else comes and goes, it washes over our lifes like waves.
plus, who cares about our tiny problems in our industrial society? guys, hang in there in israel, syriah and around the globe!
anybody wanna be stupid?

Guys, I’m back and busy writing (about shoes) and running and thinking and spreading love. On my trip I have found a lot of mind blowing things to discuss. I’m getting there, really, I’m so happy. But first comes work. And a friend’s big birthday bash. And spreading love (did I mention that already)?

Picture taken on Buenos Aires Fashion Week.

What is it that everybody behaves strangely right now? People can´t concentrate, are crazy about love, couples lying all night long under the sky not caring about the outer world (and the not comfortable conditions of lying on the floor). People are actually friendly (!). They go out and party hard, walk barefoot, shop as if there was no Tomorrow, stick together with their friends. Their outfits go pretty much close to naked. And what about me? I feel as if I was in love, jittery as if I had a huge show coming up. run around totally confused, talk stupid shit, drop everything. But nothing can destroy the basic good mood. So what is wrong with us? Did they put something in the water that we have to drink in the heat? Or did we find the world conquering formula of inner peace and happiness? Hm. Well, I guess it´s just summer. Damn, we´re so ordinary.