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Now that we’re back from Spain, we lately been running our asses off. This is the reason why there’s nothing happening here really. Working on a website, creating an inspiration board (s.a.). Working on the finalisation of a thing we believe in – and sometimes we have doubts. Either way, this little break and review makes us see how cool our lifes and projects have been until now. The greatest, weirdest and most authentic, exciting coincidences have happend. It’s an honour and a privilege to meet all these stunning creative individuals who have helped us to gain an open minded view on life. Who inspire us and remind us that the very own way is the only way. No matter how hard or how much work this might be, we will always – always – chose this way again. Thank you guys. You’re great as you are.


Das Leben ist doch ein riesengroßer Eimer (wunderbares Wort). Am Anfang noch leer, füllt er sich mit den Jahren mit allem möglichen Quatsch. Zerdellt und rostet auch ein bisschen, also mein Eimer sieht kaum noch aus wie einer. Und ehe man es sich versieht, ist das blöde Blechding verstopft und vollgemüllt bis obenhin. Viele Leute merken das nicht mal, dass dann nichts mehr reingeht, rien ne vas plus, hab ich erst einige getroffen von. Alle Energie saugt es weg, weil der schwere Schrott, den der Eimer schleppen muss, so sauviel wiegt. Da gibt es nur eins: Das ganze dumme Zeuch loswerden. Rauskippen, Freimachen, Loslassen, auf den großen Haufen und zwar radikal. Und dann wieder vollmachen mit tollen Sachen. Scheiß auf die Beulen. Vollmachen, Vollmachen, Vollmachen! Wohooo!
Edit: Verdammt, die wichtigste Info vergessen. Wir haben als Team ‘Generation C64’ Berge von Wurst gehackt (begleitet von Fanrufen ‘W-U-R-S-T!’), wir haben mords Klöten getrötet und fühlten uns am Ende auch so, wie wir aussahen. Mission completed.
Life is a big can. Empty at the beginning, it fills up with the years with all kinds of junk. Bumped and rusted a bit as well, at least my bucket. And before you can count to, ah, nine it’s totally full and stuck with trash. A lot of people don’t even recognize that there’s no room anymore, rien ne vas plus, I just met some of them. So there’s only one solution: Get rid of all that old trash. Dump it, let loose, on the big heap, radically. And after that, fill it up with good stuff. Give a shit on the bumps. Fill it up, fill it up, fill it up! Wohooo!
Picutes from Melt! festival taken by my beautiful friend Juli. Gosh, how I love my friends.


lie it and love it.
this day will be over.
anything can happen,
if you are out there.
are what life’s about.
superheros suffer too.
my veins are rollercoasters.
a certain anger
makes you stronger.
they turn the lights on
to pretend it’s not dark.
don’t wait.
//i think i’m in love
with absolutely nothing
(and was heart broken last week).// 

(PS: This video is a fun memory. It’s just a collection of impressions for a bigger film project. My short part as a background dancer starts at min 01:06.)

“I am jealous. I am also chased by the thought of breaking out right now. But whereto?”

“Yes, I am unbelievably happy here. Within three days I found everything I was looking for. But I’m also struggeling with turnoffs. Exactly because it’s too good.

Breaking out, right. My yearning for freedom is so strong, it hurts. I can tell you so much what I have found out about this romantic idea: The dilemma is, it will make you addicted. It doesn’t last forever as every break out will become normality one day. How can one stand this?

The clue seems to be – to avoid the addiction – to learn how to find luck in the everyday life. Most important for that are you, my dear friends, who give me the best moments in life. This huge present is what I always remind myself of.

I can provide the everyday with tiny little break-outs to feel not too locked up. Dance, do sports, chat to unknown people, visit a concert on my own, arts in any way. And life, life, life.

And I have to take my visions back home and keep fighting every day for what I believe in. Sounds cheesy, but it’s the only safe way to freedom we can go, as you can’t do anything wrong about it. This doesn’t have to be a revolutionary thing, to some it’s the family, to others the career, the next one just wants money. To me it’s art for example. (Plus the rescue of mankind and of the tiniest mouse on earth, but that’s another story).

Hang in there,


(An e-Mail-conversation with friends I had yesterday.)

Normally I don’t like to repost pictures with written wisdoms cos they’re mainly cheesy. But these are exceptionally wonderful: I have stumbled over them on Gorgeous Patricia’s Blog – a new blogging friend from Portugal. And I love them because they suit so well. Especially the last last one is so true, I almost cried.

Oh, and if you don’t have enough time, turn off the TV. And the internet!

I’m off to the beach, have a nice weekend!

What is it that everybody behaves strangely right now? People can´t concentrate, are crazy about love, couples lying all night long under the sky not caring about the outer world (and the not comfortable conditions of lying on the floor). People are actually friendly (!). They go out and party hard, walk barefoot, shop as if there was no Tomorrow, stick together with their friends. Their outfits go pretty much close to naked. And what about me? I feel as if I was in love, jittery as if I had a huge show coming up. run around totally confused, talk stupid shit, drop everything. But nothing can destroy the basic good mood. So what is wrong with us? Did they put something in the water that we have to drink in the heat? Or did we find the world conquering formula of inner peace and happiness? Hm. Well, I guess it´s just summer. Damn, we´re so ordinary.