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dance black lights//
Hey Himmel! Du bist ja Sternsuppe!
Und da oben die Gruppe ist ein Wagen.
Sag, kann ich aus Sternen meinen Namen legen?
Ich sag das sonst nie, aber: Amen.

float internally//communicate externally//shake it off, push it, spin, jump, scream//become easy and rhythmical//stand still, be quiet//and wait for the light to come and be played like a glowing ball//turn it into stars, into a stream, let it rain on you and breathe it in to make you filled with freedom and spirit//

Right now, there’s really not even a drop of time left and we have to push hard to keep up our dreams. But we keep working on our awareness throughout every single day. Feeling the body. Observing magic running through our veins. Breathing the environment, listening to the inside, sucking in the nowness. And it’s so weird because we can feel that we are evolving in rapid speed. Time seems to become obsolete. The ‘problems’ that we feared become challenges and chances that show us totally new perspectives and features. They force us to take new turns that we might not have dared to walk before. They make us brave. Life’s such an adventure. And as soon as we decide to take every step just for ourselves, every experience is a gift…
Okay … what the hell is happening with us? Is this freedom, although it seemed so hard in the beginning? And did we just find the way in the end? And are we fucking happy and nothing can stop it? Oh my God, that’s scary.
Spring is here. We’re waking up.


thought i knew any cell of my dna. good instincts, free thinking and with a whole lot of antennas. then, on day zero, we and i took another turn. little tickling on third eye. scratching, pushing, a constant sensation. hands burning, pressure on chest, ears, nose. a crawling and teasing between the shoulder blades. no, i’m not scared. i trust you. keep on going when i fall. and we fall. into nothingness. energy rushing through our limbs. pulsing, vibrating like an earthquake. sleepless nights. don’t make any sound ‘out there’, it hurts. with every cracking, an electric shock showers our skin. countless sensations conquering the physical world. ajna, sahasrara opened wide. no, i’m not scared. otherwise i’d go insane. or explode right away. instead: i trust you. keep on going when i’m awake. what else there is? all our lives searching. we knew, this was not it. it just wasn’t. more afraid of a life in a box than of vanishing. now we get to know ourselves from a totally different point of view. now something gave us the magic paint to paint reality like a peace of art. and manifest. a new awareness like somebody has turned on the light. a fusion of mind, soul, body. a deep inner peace, freedom, love. we lose ourselves in our own infinite room. where the bodies, the universe, mother earth are all one. we listen to our our own infinite sound. a higher frequenzy which seems powerful enough to create a milky way. excitement like being in love. not only trusting. knowing. and every day comes with another gift. we have begun a journey. and we’ll be never coming back.

What does gender mean anyway?
Who says you’re male or female who have to behave like this and that and leave that and this?
People say, right. You say, aha.
Okay, okay, blahblah, keep believing whatever.
And stay in your golden cage of restriction.
But what if all this is an illusion?
What if the idea of our social roles is a fake to keep us within bounds?
What if we could take off our well woven structure of identification
like a grey coat which has never really suited anyway?
And to life comes the naked shining truth of the inner self.
What if we could wipe out the worldly thoughts
our narrow minds had whispered to us in our nightmares,
because mankind, as it’s known, can’t grasp our real possibilities – yet.
What if we could wake up and  free ourselves from the gravity of ratio,
feel what this is about:
Cross borders,
live in peace,
do whatever we want to do, be whatever we want to be, no,
be what we really are.

We can.

Nicht zwingend meine beste Tanzleistung. Aber hey, dafür tauche ich voll in meine Rollen. Erst als Fuchs, dann als Löwin, als – äh – als Fisch (?), als Grasmilbe, als Rintintin und als Hundkatzemaus. Oder so. Oder sind das im Alltag bloß Rollen, in die ich tauche? Oder bin ich 50/50? 40/30/30? 98z834756? Identitätskrise.


Und die anderen sind toll und das Styling (!) und das Make-Up und der DoP und der Schnitt erst (s.u.)! Meine Fresse. ❤


Not my best dance performance ever, but hey: I totally dive into my different roles. First as a fox, then as a lion, as a – what’s that – a fish (?), as a fly, as Rintintin and in general as a weirdo. Something like that. Or is this me and do I dive in roles in every day life? Or am I 50/50? 40/30/30? 98z834756? I’m confused.


Sonido Records präsentiert: Samuri / Somebody told me
(appeared on V.A- Kommune 1 / Son013-6)
Regie / Kamera: Cem Yücetas
Ausstattung: Valerie Sietzy
Schnitt / Postproduktion: Björn Renner
Cast: Charmie Marie Pfeffer, Magdalena Elfrath, Seven Güzel, Tasha, Timos, Paris Liamis, Samuri