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Recipe for a perfectly ordinary day:

Morning: everyday work (mostly boring)
Midday: learning Spanish at beach/in a Café downtown/by the pool (and thinking about the rights and wrongs – just a lil bit)
Afternoon: meal with good fresh stuff, proteins and a lot of respect for food
Early Evening: any kind of sports until there’s no way to move anymore, preferably at beach (children try to imitate me, obviously I’m a good example)
Evening: walking the dawgs, running around doing a lot of stupid junk. With loads of love of course. And speaking to Isabel, one of the best I’ve ever met.
Night: creativity until 4 am. I’m getting there, I’m getting there.

Some chuches from time to time: una excursion, un poquito de baile, tinto de verano y pescado fresco.

Help! How can people be so nice? I almost feel ashamed by their ‘nicelyness’. They just told me: Now you have a family here. Boohoooh! I’m a little bit like the blueyed cat. Just leave the door open and I’m fine roaming. I’ll be coming back, you just never know when. This time I got a little lost. I found myself (totally messed up) in front of that door and I scratched until they let me in. They give me milk and stuff, treat me like a family member. And as soon as it’s time I’ll head off again.

I so so hope that the roaming doesn’t come to an end. Ever.

Gotta go and write my ass off.

PS: The seagull up there is thinking: “Hm, shall I buy that boat or not or what? Well no. I practically own that boat already.”

Arrived and still getting there. Washing the past off my face. Replacing it with sticky sun. Must admit, I love the filthy hair. A shooting star is waving at me. Hello friend. Time’s twice as long as back home. The never ending sea makes me dizzy. Perfect to get lost. The night will find me and makes me see. Nothing is in a relation to me. I miss the city. But I miss myself more. Need to crawl into myself. Please give me wings. I’m in need. Of the nothingness of the sand.