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Thinking (-> Dangerous) + Styling + Running Back And Forth + Writing + Being Weird + Working Out And Up + Sewing Stuff + Dancing + Freakin Out – (-> MINUS!) Sleeping = High²

( Thanks to Lizzie. The pictures don’t have anything to do with fashion. There’s a story behind them, I wouldn’t shoot a Chanel bag – or the whole motif – for no reason.)

(Sorry for the fucked quality.)

“I am jealous. I am also chased by the thought of breaking out right now. But whereto?”

“Yes, I am unbelievably happy here. Within three days I found everything I was looking for. But I’m also struggeling with turnoffs. Exactly because it’s too good.

Breaking out, right. My yearning for freedom is so strong, it hurts. I can tell you so much what I have found out about this romantic idea: The dilemma is, it will make you addicted. It doesn’t last forever as every break out will become normality one day. How can one stand this?

The clue seems to be – to avoid the addiction – to learn how to find luck in the everyday life. Most important for that are you, my dear friends, who give me the best moments in life. This huge present is what I always remind myself of.

I can provide the everyday with tiny little break-outs to feel not too locked up. Dance, do sports, chat to unknown people, visit a concert on my own, arts in any way. And life, life, life.

And I have to take my visions back home and keep fighting every day for what I believe in. Sounds cheesy, but it’s the only safe way to freedom we can go, as you can’t do anything wrong about it. This doesn’t have to be a revolutionary thing, to some it’s the family, to others the career, the next one just wants money. To me it’s art for example. (Plus the rescue of mankind and of the tiniest mouse on earth, but that’s another story).

Hang in there,


(An e-Mail-conversation with friends I had yesterday.)

Normally I don’t like to repost pictures with written wisdoms cos they’re mainly cheesy. But these are exceptionally wonderful: I have stumbled over them on Gorgeous Patricia’s Blog – a new blogging friend from Portugal. And I love them because they suit so well. Especially the last last one is so true, I almost cried.

Oh, and if you don’t have enough time, turn off the TV. And the internet!

I’m off to the beach, have a nice weekend!

Dear friend,

I don´t care what you, your crowd and the whole world (with few exceptions) say. I will neither prostitute myself, nor take advantage of anybody to reach a goal, nor will I become corrupt and lose track under influence. “Success”, as you might define or measure it, is not important to me. I need the personal step forward, the inner improvement, every good sentence means success to me. I´m perfectly happy just working the way I want to work. If people happen to like the result and think it´s promising, it´s fine. If not: Fuck off.

The world needs rebels. The real and authentic folks who give a shit on what people say.  That´s how fresh ideas arise. All the other greasy stuff gets me the creeps. That´s what you can do.

It´s sad that you and I have major differences like this and that you treat me like a child.

Loving and missing you,

BYFE = BeYond Fucking Everything.

(This is my explanation to a friend who tries to educate me.)

I love this Remix. Getbusyboys rule.

Lieber Freund,

es ist mir egal, was Du, Ihr, und die ganze Welt (mit ein paar Ausnahmen) sagen. Ich lasse mich weder prostituieren, noch heuchle ich jemandem Sympathie vor, um etwas dafür zu kriegen, noch lasse ich mich sonstwie kaufen und beeinflussen. Der „Erfolg“, so wie Ihr in definiert und messt, interessiert mich nicht. Für mich zählt der persönliche Schritt, die innere Entwicklung, jeder Satz ist ein Erfolg für mich. Ich bin glücklich, wenn ich vor mich hinarbeiten kann. Wenn die Leute das Ergebnis mögen und als erfolgversprechend ansehen, ist es schön. Wenn nicht: Fuck off.

Die Welt braucht Rebellen. Die echten und authentischen Menschen, die das tun, was sie wollen, und darauf scheißen, was andere sagen. Nur so lassen sich Neuheiten entwickeln. Bei allem anderen schmierigen Kram läuft es mir kalt den Rücken runter. Das könnt Ihr machen.

Es ist schlimm, dass wir in solchen grundlegenden Sachen so auseinandergehen und Du mich behandelst, als wäre ich ein kleines Kind.