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Right now, there’s really not even a drop of time left and we have to push hard to keep up our dreams. But we keep working on our awareness throughout every single day. Feeling the body. Observing magic running through our veins. Breathing the environment, listening to the inside, sucking in the nowness. And it’s so weird because we can feel that we are evolving in rapid speed. Time seems to become obsolete. The ‘problems’ that we feared become challenges and chances that show us totally new perspectives and features. They force us to take new turns that we might not have dared to walk before. They make us brave. Life’s such an adventure. And as soon as we decide to take every step just for ourselves, every experience is a gift…
Okay … what the hell is happening with us? Is this freedom, although it seemed so hard in the beginning? And did we just find the way in the end? And are we fucking happy and nothing can stop it? Oh my God, that’s scary.
Spring is here. We’re waking up.

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