//AWAKENING//awaiting any rocking worlds

Right now we find, it’s not the right time to drop posts regularly, obviously. It’s much more the time to think about how to change world and stuff. It’s much better to make music. To improvise, to rock, to experiment. And to discuss with our coach how to improve our (creative) world.

Plus, it’s much more amazing to work the whole body-mind-thing. To dance, to sweat with the upcoming crossfit torture. To eat natural healthy stuff, to appreciate what we have. To stand upside down sometimes, but that’s the deal, isn’t it? To live, feel, breathe. And listen to our guts to tell us how to change the inner and outer world.

In the end, it’s even more important for us to move. To see changes and become aware of ourselves within it. To get to know that differences are important. That what might seem like a lack of conformity (like higher sensibility or a curious critical mind) might be a gift, not a flaw. But the most important thing is to create reality like we need it. With friends, colleagues, believers, superheros, orks, ants, teddy bears and everybody who’s ready for a major reboot. And, hell yeah: to rescue the world, man.

the Superhero Delegation

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  1. Pat said:

    Agree with you! Nice text! 😉

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