//GONE TANNING//fallen for buenos aires

Somehow I ended up here. As Maria puts it so well: “You fell out of the airplane with all your freakyness.” Obviously she’s right (even though she doesn’t know I am clumsy enough to fall out of ANYthing). I just fell and took my whole Me along. The pool feels like a holiday in a foreign country. But I also have written, worked and worked out already, plus I have found some places to follow these everyday duties. And I know: As soon as I get to this point, I’m getting used to a place and it doesn’t fell foreign anymore. Jesus, I’m such a chameleon.

  1. Eszter said:

    chii c:

  2. misch said:

    icke? berlin? neeee. wär ja irgendwie ganz schön, wenn ich mal wieder in berlin party machen könnte – aber dafür bräuchte ich zuerst ein flugticket. bin nämlich aus der schweiz 😉

    und herzallerliebstes dankeschön 🙂

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