//NOW HERE IS NO WHERE// i think i’m in love


lie it and love it.
this day will be over.
anything can happen,
if you are out there.
are what life’s about.
superheros suffer too.
my veins are rollercoasters.
a certain anger
makes you stronger.
they turn the lights on
to pretend it’s not dark.
don’t wait.
//i think i’m in love
with absolutely nothing
(and was heart broken last week).// 

(PS: This video is a fun memory. It’s just a collection of impressions for a bigger film project. My short part as a background dancer starts at min 01:06.)
  1. Shin said:

    What a great poem! I really like those black and white masks 🙂 xoxoxoo

  2. Kinga said:

    thank you for your amazing comment. if you’re interested, please contact me at my email. 🙂

  3. Luc said:

    Und ich freue mich immer wieder reinzupeaken 😉

    Keep up the good posts.

  4. anouk said:

    we all need more love.
    alle viel zu egozentrisch – wer nimmt noch rücksicht auf sein umfeld?

  5. ANNA said:

    broken hearts make you feel alive

    alles liebe von hier zu euch

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