STREETSTYLE: Prada, D&G and friends

Location: Avenida da Liberdade 216, Lisbon, above and below.
Blanket: Trash
Clothes: Trash
Styling: People from the Streets
Accessories: Some fashion shop without the ability to remove trash properly

(This is no offence to the beautiful country, it’s just about a phenomenon which is the same everywhere.)

  1. Pat said:


    Unfortunatelly, this is quite true and happens everywhere. There are some volunteer organisations that take care of that people. But there are also some poeple that do really want to live like that. The world is full of contrasts and it’s up to each one of us do something to make it a better world. But we must not forget that each individual has the right to chose the way he or she lives.



    • Magda said:

      Hey Girl,
      u are totally true when u’re saying, some people want 2 live this way (I am helping out sometimes at these organisations that u metion). Some of them even don’t know what a ‘normal’ life looks like.

      This is not a place to judge for me anyway. It’s more a way of dealing with circumstances that seem grotesque to me. The judgement lies in the eye of the beholder.

      Yeah, everyone of us, let’s make a better world. 🙂


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