Correction of the former post: Lena does not just drop a thing per day. Today she dropped a magazine, a pen and a fork (came off the plate – twice). She fell over a carpet and ran against a doorframe. Of course she forgot half of her shopping list in the market (but that´s just the standard performance, not even worth to mention). She missed the metro by running around like a headless chicken mistaking the metro line. Oh, and she was wearing some really short shorts that appeared to be dirty because she sat on grass two days before (“hoops, forgot about that”). No wonder some foreign girls looked at her butt quite – ahem – fascinated. Later she met a friend and when they said good bye he asked her: “You know the way back home?” – She: “Yes man, fo´ sure!” So she walked the completely wrong direction. Her day had a fantastic start of forgetting the wallet which made her cycle back and forth. Again. Jeez, if she got paid for running, she´d be wealthy like Heath Legder by now. Well, we both are not wealthy at all. But at least our lifes are not boring.

Dear moon in the sky, save Lena´s soul and send me a drink after such an excausting day.


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  1. Ha ha ha – das könnte auch ich sein! Super sympathisch und süß geschrieben….

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