1. Paul said:

    Well…no. Certainly your ability to see things wrong is in your favor. 🙂
    And hey..you have a nice blog.

    As for love being a butterfly…only if you get get yourself out of the caterpillar stage.

  2. Magda said:

    Thanks Paul, you make my day.

    Hope your butterfly never gets cought or stuck in the caterpillar stage.

    • Paul said:

      Freedom. That is a big one. Big enough to keep in the front of your mind every day until you get there.

      What ungodly force has taken your freedom?

      Take it back!

      • Magda said:

        Dear Paul,

        I´m still not sure whether it´s “society” or the mind, which kills our freedom. The details of my personal barriers will hopefully once be apparent from my blog and work. 🙂

        What about you?

        But I´m working on it, things are getting much more clear.

        Have a great weekend,

  3. Paul said:

    I think it’s mainly in our minds. Society is only really a factor if we allow it to be. It seems like I have made so many changes over the years just to make sure I’m not influenced by society and the media.

    As much as anyone, there are some freedoms I need to take back. So many things can make us feel constricted. Sometimes financial issues, relationship problems, work…etc.

    What I’m about to say is certainly easier said than done, but I think we should look at all areas of our life, and if we are constricted in any of those areas and we can not break loose, we should just leave that area at the curb. For example, if one is unhappy in their job because they don’t feel like they have enough opportunities, or maybe they are creative but are not free to use those skills and talents, in my mind, it’s time to look for another job.

    So I guess one has to be somewhat “fearless”. Think of all the things fear keeps us from doing!

    Ok, well I’ve used up enough of your page.

    You have a great weekend as well!


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