Today, my book came. I wrote it one year ago. It was as a commissional work, which is why I couldn´t really accept it as my own work from deep down. I thought I´d never want to read it again, put it aside and totally forget about it.

But holding it in my hand I could´t help me saying “hello”. Browsing a bit and stopping at some parts. And you know what? It´s not too bad. A little cheesy here and there but somehow ironical, intense and real at some other passages.

The weirdest thing still is reading you´re own stuff asking yourself: “WTF WAS I THINKING”???
I mentioned a guy riding through the sea on his dolphin-toothbrush. No kidding.

Man, that´s weird.

This is my hair before I´ll actually dye it green tomorrow (no kidding either, Lena´s gonna kill me).
But before this, there´s still some night-work to do:
1. Writing a list of questions I need to ask my `objects of research´.
2. Looking out for those `objects of research´. This might be the more difficult part.

Good night out there.


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