//in my belly there’s a rebel / cooking ideas and things / having ideals, pulling strings / she’s not a stranger / but claiming changes//

Lena Elfrath
Die Liebe ist ein Schmetterling
Geb., großes Format
etwa 434 Seiten
ca. 24,00 € (D)
978-3-86337-106-7Release Date: 1st of August

Almost burned out. But after two day of solitude I’m game again with those things I once considered my passions.

electric room nyc beyondline//you won’t be in my heart, but in my words/you haven’t been too good to me, but anyway you’re not my world/you won’t have my grief, cause my mind is my sword/I can’t believe I was so naive/to think you liked me – truly/I guess I was just crying out: deceive me.

//picture of the entrance of Electric Room which is one of the better clubs in NYC


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