shadows beyondline weiß//i’d make the moves/always for eternity/speak the words out loud/with a valid meaning endlessly/baby, if it wasn’t me//let’s start the game/the stakes are high, the limits low/breathe my name/got a secret purpose on the go/baby, if it wasn’t me//

//finally getting to write down all the shit I do not believe in

have a look at the little film we shot for EARLY HOLIDAY SPECIAL. it was  a great day with a perfectly harmonizing crew. everybody was giving and having a good time. you can feel it by watching the vid.
Styling: Jasna Mehmedovic
Hair & Make-Up: Raia Petkova
Models: Malaika (Cream Modelmanagement) / Jasna Mehmedovic
Director: Magdalena Elfrath / Valerie Sietzy
Concept: Christina Abartzi / Magdalena Elfrath / Valerie Sietzy
Production: Christina Abartzi
Camera: Marc Krause / Marcel Izquierdo Torres
Edit: Marc Krause
Music: ENG – Victory Laps
Grafik Design:


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